Is your old rug looking shaggy? For the most part, rugs start to look old because of snags and pilling, which naturally happen over time. When you have a new rug, you have to do what you can to avoid this. And when you have an older rug, you may need to contact a professional.


Preventing the Pilling: Care Tips

Proactive prevention is always best when you want to keep your treasured possessions looking like new. Snags and pilling can be mostly avoided or reduced through the following:


●        Keep the claws of your pets neatly filed. This isn't just good for your rugs -- it's also good for your pets, too.

●        Don't wash your rugs in the washing machine. If you do, use the delicate cycle, and never dry it in the dryer. Most rugs are made to be washed professionally.

●        Blot stains rather than rubbing them. When there are spills on your rug, apply pressure to a dry cloth to absorb them. Moving the rug back and forth creates pilling.

●        Invest in periodic professional carpet cleaning. Over time, rugs collect dirt. This dirt can gather between fibers, becoming abrasive and damaging them. Pet stains and other spills can also be acidic if they are not completely cleaned.

●        A high-quality rug will usually last many years without visible damage as long as it's cared for this way. But what happens when the damage is already done?


Getting Rid of Snags and Pilling

When it comes to snags, the most direct solution is usually simply to trim them off. With sharp scissors (such as nail cuticle scissors), you can gently pull up the snag and then snip it at the same level as the rest of the rug. If there are only a few snags, this can usually keep your carpet looking new. If there are a lot of snags (and it's an expensive carpet), you might need to pay for professional restoration, instead.


Pilling can be slightly more difficult to manage, as it tends to impact the entire surface of the rug. Over time, rugs can start to look dull and fuzzy, and small balls of material can form. If there's only a few, they can simply be snipped off just like a snag. If there's a lot, you might need a special tool. There are things such as "sweater combs" or "fabric shavers" that are used specifically to remove pilling, as pilling is relatively common with older materials that are made out of natural fiber.


Many older rugs can look brand new if you remove the pilling and the snags. But if your rug is expensive or has sentimental value, you should contact a professional. Carriage Cleaning Service can help you with all of your professional cleaning needs, including rug and carpet cleaning.