Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

When a fire strikes, call 9-1-1 so that the Fire Department is alerted, then call your insurance company. You can have your insurer call us at CCS Restoration Services for quality fire damage cleanup from people who understand the situation you are in. We are your number one first response team when it comes to smoke and fire damage cleanup and repair to your home or commercial building. We serve many families and businesses in Fairbult, Lakeville, Burnsville, Apple Valley and Prior Lake, MN

Fire Damage Restoration

It's important to have someone come out immediately after the fire has been put out to ensure the damage is assessed and that restoration can begin. From boarding up the damaged building or home so that your personal belongings are safe and secure to cleaning up all the debris, we are your fire damage restoration experts.

It's important to understand that fire damage can occur even after the fire has been put out. That is why it is critical to call us immediately after you have called 9-1-1 so that we can get out and take care of the potential hazards and to minimize further damage.

Fire Damage Cleanup

At CCS Restoration Services, we will take care of the cleaning, neutralization of odors, necessary demolition, debris removal, and the reconstruction phase. Our primary goal is to help you piece your life back together after a fire as quickly and efficiently as possible and we put every ounce of our effort into doing just that.

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