Whether it’s a sofa, an ottoman or a recliner, leather needs a specialized touch to remain clean. Without proper care, leather upholstery can fade, crack and lose its appeal. Here at Carriage Cleaning Service, we’ve spent years refining the leather cleaning process. Whether you want to clean, restore or repair your leather—we’ve got you covered. We’re diving into our leather cleaning process, helping readers understand why a professional facelift is needed.


Removing the Tough Stuff

Oil, gum, hair and other materials can become embedded in the leather. If you’ve ever tried to get them off, you probably know how tough they are to remove. If a leather surface is cracked in any way, professional assistance is needed to remove the materials. If you do it yourself, you may not remove these materials. Or, worse, you might shred the leather’s surface in your attempt.


Material Identification

While leather may seem like a simple material, it’s actually complex. Leather cleaning experts are trained in identifying different leather materials. Then, they use in-depth knowledge to treat it correctly. Those skilled in leather treatment have spent years learning how to care for leather. The cleaning process simply requires such in-depth study. By utilizing theory, realistic application, and obstacle avoidance, your Carriage Cleaning Service providers make sure your leather is completely cared for.


A Focus on Moisture Rejuvenation

Many DIY leather cleaning methods don’t take moisture rejuvenation into account. For this reason, many solo upholstery cleaning attempts end in dried-out, cracked leather surfaces. By putting your furniture cleaning in a professional’s hands, you’ll benefit from their careful, proactive moisture rejuvenation techniques. These technicians thoroughly assess a leather surface’s health, then applying industry-grade products and techniques to keep the surface soft and shiny.


Mold Removal and Remediation

Sometimes, mold is an issue. To fully restore your leather surface’s look and feel, you’ll need to target and remove mold immediately. A lot of DIY leather cleaning attempts fail in removing mold particles as they’re simply too difficult to target. Or, worse, they accidentally spread mold growth further—damaging other furniture.


Carriage Cleaning Service is at your service. We have years of experience, and we’re always available to offer custom-tailored leather cleaning solutions. Your leather, your furniture, and your home come first. Contact us at 507-334-1774 for more information. Let one of our experts look at your furniture’s unique makeup. Before it’s over, your leather surfaces will look brand new.