The real-estate market has been on a steady rise in our area, and you want to take advantage by putting your house on the market. You’ve watched enough home shows and read enough housing magazines to know that staging your property is one way to lift it above the competition. However, you don’t have the money to get rid of your cottage cheese ceilings or align your less-than-perfect walls. The solution is to pull buyer focus to the bottom of your spaces through staging that highlights your carpeting.


Expand the Visuals

An uninterrupted view of floor coverings expands visual space, making rooms appear larger. Arrange furniture so sight lines across the carpet are uninterrupted when you first enter a room. Use glass and other transparent materials for coffee and side tables so the eye can see the flooring continue underneath. Legs on sofas, ottomans, and other solid furniture lift those pieces off the ground so views of the carpet continue underneath them.


Focus on the Floor

Rely on floor lamps and wall lights that focus their beams downward to draw the eye from the darker top of the room to a brighter bottom. Put large potted plants and colorful artwork directly on the carpet so that the eye notices them first, especially in a room that otherwise uses neutrals for floor, wall, and furniture coverings. Rather than hanging them on walls, try laying larger mirrors or paintings on the floor and leaning them up against a wall for a modern and more informal look.


Define Spaces with Rugs

So that potential buyers know what to do with your interiors, it’s important to define spaces such as a living room and dining room in an open floor plan. Stagers often delineate areas through paint, wall covering, or furniture pieces that move sight lines upward. To draw the eye downward, use area rugs to define spaces. It’s perfectly fine for a colorful rug to lay on neutral carpeting. Just be sure that the shades and patterns on the rug are distinct enough to separate them from the color of the floor.


Keep It Clean

The only way that these strategies can work is if your carpeting is fresh and spotless. Prevent dirt from tracking into the home by providing smalls rugs at all entryways where visitors can wipe their feet before entering. Encourage everyone to remove their footwear before stepping onto your carpet by providing a bench where they can take off their shoes and a shelf to place them in.


Professional carpet cleaning ensures that your floor coverings look good as new. Contact us at Carriage Cleaning Services for more information and free estimates. We can also take care of pet accidents, wine spots, and other stains that you previously thought were permanent.