Plumbing pipes aren’t thought about until it’s too late. If your home has damaged pipes, the damage might not be obvious. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners let their issues get worse, gradually. Then, they need expensive repairs.

Carriage Cleaning Service wants to help. We believe your money should stay where it belongs: in your pocket. If your home has a warped, split or corroded pipe, it isn’t too late. Fixing a wall leak is less expensive than paying for in-depth water damage remediation. If you’re encountering these five warning signs, you might need to call a professional.


Warning Sign One: Your Water Main is Rumbling

If you’re hearing anything more than the sound of flowing water, you might have an issue. If nobody is running the water, and if your pipes are hissing and rumbling, you need professional help. A rumbling water main means you ‘re dealing with a split pipe.


Warning Sign Two: Your Water Bill is High

If your water bill is incredibly high, you probably have pipe issues. Your walls might be collecting water, and your home’s building materials are simply holding it in. Make no mistake, however: If you let the problem persist, you’ll have bigger things to worry about than a higher water bill.


Warning Sign Three: Visible Stains

If your walls have stains, you probably have a hidden water leak. Warped, stained walls are indicative of split, spraying pipes. Even if you’re not experiencing mold growth, the leak can be serious. While you’re looking for wall stains, check for ceiling stains.


Warning Sign Four: Visible Mold

Visible mold is a major indicator of pipe leaks. Mold growth happens behind your walls, vents and tiles first. If it’s become visible, your home’s pipe leaks may have gone critical. After you schedule a water damage recovery service, ask about mold remediation.


Warning Sign Five: Bad Water Pressure

Your home’s bad water pressure might be a pipe problem. If your faucets and shower heads aren’t as strong as before, contact a provider to check out your pipes. While it might be due to a clog, a leaking—or even broken—pipe might be the issue.

If you think you have broken pipes, don’t hesitate to call Carriage Cleaning Service at 507-334-1774. We’ve been in the business for years, and we understand how dangerous a broken pipe can be. To protect your home, your family and your power bill, contact one of our professionals today. If you need follow-up treatment for water damage, mold removal or carpet restoration, we’ve got you covered.