When it comes to mold, it’s never too early to get remediation. This said, it can be too late. If you’re starting to see—or even smell—mold in your home, contact a professional. Carriage Cleaning Service has spent years clearing mold from residential properties. Now, we want to let you in on a secret: Mold needs to be removed quickly. If it isn’t, it can spread.

 All About Hidden Mold

In most cases, mold growth is underway well before it reveals itself. It normally begins inside crawl spaces and ducts. It can also grow behind wallpaper, tiles and paneling. Even if you can’t see it, it’s causing damage.

If you see warped walls, blistered paint or crumbling plastic, you might have deeper issues. If you’re noticing gaps in your home’s grouts, your mold problem might be serious. Hidden mold persists behind wet, soft surfaces. That inexplicable stain should raise an alarm: Only immediate mold testing will stop the mold growth.

Dormant Mold and Spores

Even if you’ve noticed small mold growth, your home probably has dormant mold. This mold might not be visible, but it’ll activate when favorable conditions arise. Mold spores create dormant mold. Mold spores come from preexisting mold, and they can persist for months—even years—before eventually growing.

Why Should You Get Rid of Mold Quickly?

These mold spores spread quickly. Unless you’ve eliminated all moisture in your home—and immediately—it’ll flourish. It’ll devastate your home, sending invisible mold spores airborne. As these spores catch the current, they’ll encounter other building materials.

Before you know it, the small mold removal check-up and removal has become a major decontamination project. Mold remediation works well, but it’s a tedious, lengthy process. You can still get a minor remediation job done, too. As long as you’re removing any hidden mold before it’s grown out of control, you’re in the clear.


Should You Remove the Mold Yourself?

Because mold can hide behind walls, tiles and floorboards, it’s a good idea to let a professional handle it. Do-it-yourself mold removal might work for small mold patches, but it’ll fail to remove the dangerous mold hidden in your home.

Instead, you should call a professional. Professional mold removal involves carpet cleaning, water damage remediation and more. It even includes tile and grout cleaning, assuring your home’s moist areas aren’t spawning new spores. If you’re in need, call Carriage Cleaning Service at 507-334-1774. We’ll make sure your mold problem stays small, and we’ll make sure your home is protected from future growth. A little inspection goes a long way. When it comes to mold, you should never take chances.