It’s important to have your carpets professionally cleaned every six to 12 months. This helps to remove allergens, dirt, and dust from the carpet, while also helping to extend the lifespan of your carpet.


While there are different ways carpets can be cleaned, including having them shampooed or dry cleaned, the hot water extraction technique from CCS Cleaning & Restoration offers you more benefits and a deeper clean.

Hot Water Extraction Is More Effective at Removing Stains

One of the benefits associated with hot water extraction carpet cleaning (also known as steam cleaning) is that it helps to get rid of tough stains. Hot water extraction utilizes a machine that sprays streams of hot water onto your carpet. These streams break up stains, while the hot water helps to lift them. Chemicals and soaps are also used to further remove stains, dirt, and debris. If you want your carpets to get as clean as possible, hot water extraction is the way to go.

Hot Water Extraction Removes More Odors

Another benefit associated with hot water extraction is that it removes more odors than other methods. Other methods typically clean only the top of the carpet. They do not reach down into the padding. Unfortunately, the padding is the area that harbors most of the debris and residue that causes odors, such as pet urine. Hot water extraction reaches deep down into the carpet padding, helping to more effectively remove those set-in odors.

Hot Water Extraction Removes Residue From Carpets

Additionally, hot water extraction removes soaps and residues from your carpet. When a carpet is shampooed or dry cleaned, some of the residue from the cleaning agents that were used can remain on the carpet. This can leave your carpet feeling stiff. Cleaning residue can also trap dirt and dust in, which causes your carpets to look dirtier faster in the future. Hot water extraction removes all of the residue from your carpet so your carpet is clean and soft, and remains that way for a long time.

Hot Water Extraction Is More Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally friendly is at the top of the list for many people and is growing in urgency. It is essential to incorporate as many changes as possible, and picking practices at work and home that have a higher positivity rate for the environment is crucial. Choosing hot water extraction is just one more way to help enhance this because the process uses hot water to force the dirt and soil out, and the powerful vacuum sucks up all the particulates.


In addition, there are no harsh detergents that can harm animals or individuals who come in contact with it. This makes it an ideal solution for removing germs, allergens, and dust without risking harm to the environment.

Hot Water Extraction Is a Simpler Option

Most individuals would consider steam cleaning a much simpler method than other options requiring more steps. It doesn't take specialized chemicals, and the system uses high pressure to help break down dirt, pollutants, and grime. Once these are loosened, a vacuum cleaner sucks up the remaining residue giving it a clean feel and fresh aesthetic!

Hot Water Extraction Has Quicker Drying Times

Typically, it should only take two to six hours for any steam cleaning to dry out. One concern is if upholstery or carpet fibers don't dry in time, this can lead to a mildew smell developing on the material. Using hot water extraction means less worry about any remaining liquids or moisture seeping into the carpeting or upholstery.


The equipment is specially designed to take the worry of saturation out of the experience because it is designed to remove the highest moisture levels. This results in faster drying due to the strength of the vacuum system, making it one of the best and most efficient methods for cleaning and encapsulating dirt, odors, and stains.

Choose the Carpet Cleaning Pros at CCS Cleaning & Restoration

At CCS Cleaning & Restoration, we offer hot water extraction carpet cleaning due to the benefits that it has over other carpet cleaning methods. We also offer a variety of other cleaning services, including upholstery cleaning, water damage cleaning, mold removal, tile and grout cleaning, fire restoration and smoke damage removal, pet urine cleaning, and pet odor removal.


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