Have you ever met someone or gone to visit someone in their home, and they made you take off your shoes before you came inside? While you may have thought they were a bit crazy at the time, they actually have the right idea when it comes to keeping your carpets looking clean.

Wearing shoes inside your home when you have carpets can easily cause stains in your carpet and even bring in dirt that can get deep into your carpet where it’s hard to get out.

Dirty Shoes Can Cause Stains

Whether you realize it, every time you come inside with your shoes on, you are tracking dirt in everywhere you have walked during the day. If you have been outside a lot, who knows what you may track in without even knowing it? For example, if it has been raining outside and you step in some mud, you can easily track in the mud if you wear your shoes inside and walk on the carpet. Even if you don't step in some mud, if you walk in with wet shoes, you are bringing everything with it, such as dirt, leaves, or other particles. You may not even realize what you are tracking in and even if it does not make a big impact after one time, over time with you doing this over and over again, you will start to notice some stains in the areas where you walk. Once you start to notice them, the dirt and grime will have likely gotten deep into the carpet and you may not be able to get it out with your regular cleaning techniques.

What To Do When You Can't Get Stains Out

If you have noticed stains and tried to get them out on your own with no success, it is time to call in the professionals for a deep cleaning. Here at CCS Cleaning and Restoration, we can get deep into your carpets to get out the stains that have been building up for some time. We can also get out any mud stains you may have tracked in. Once we have cleaned the stains, you may also want to reconsider wearing your shoes inside on the carpet and possibly causing more stains in the future.

If you have stains in your carpet, be sure to reach out to us at CCS Cleaning and Restoration today to schedule your carpet cleaning so they can look as good as new.