Being a pet parent and homeowner in the Southern Minnesota area is a wonderful combination until your faithful friend has an accident or gets sick all over the living room.  While you can clean up a single spot effectively, over the years the smells of the litter box and damp dog seem to infiltrate every corner of your home. You might begin to think you have to replace all the carpets, couches, and even the hardwood floors. However, all is not lost. It is possible to bring back that pleasant, fresh scent to your home when you hire the professionals at CCS Cleaning & Restoration in Faribault, MN and skip the cost of a major renovation.

Using the Right Tools for Proper Carpet Cleaning and Deodorizing

First, your cleaning crew will inspect your home and find the areas that have been damaged by your pets. Using a combination of pre-treaters and spot scrubbing, we will start to remove the layers of smells and stains that collect in upholstery, carpets, and flooring. Our powerful deep cleaning carpet cleaning system will draw out the dirt that gets buried in the fibers. 

Certified Odor Control Technicians Can Help

The folks at CCS Cleaning & Restoration have completed training and are Certified Odor Control Technicians, so we understand the science behind the odors that your pets create. Enzymatic cleaners are designed to destroy the proteins that carry many biological smells. Other products we use bind pleasant aromas to those you wish to eliminate, letting you breathe deep without worry.

Daily Tips for Effective Pet Odor Maintenance

Stay ahead of the smells by tackling small cleaning tasks yourself. 

  • Use puppy pads and litter boxes only on tile or vinyl flooring--even sealed wood will absorb odors over time.
  • Pay for pet stain carpet protection on installation--these products will help to repel moisture, odors, and stains.
  • Wipe and pick up any accidents immediately--once the urine or feces have time to soak into floors, it is harder to get the smell out
  • Press an absorbent towel against damp soiled carpeting--remove as much moisture as possible to stop incursion into carpet pads
  • Spray an enzymatic cleaner and let dry--look for a product that is designed for cats or dogs specifically. The enzyme bonds with the proteins and eliminates odor.
  • Use a UV light to locate problem spots--the black light will fluoresce and show you where you cleaned up right and where there is work to do.

When your pet odors cannot be eliminated by you alone, give CCS Cleaning & Restoration a click or call (507) 334-1774 for a free inspection and estimate for our professional Pet Odor and Stain Removal services.