Before the holiday season, it makes sense to use a professional cleaning service to get the house ready for guests. There is usually not enough time to get everything done during the busy holiday season, so calling the professionals in for a thorough home cleaning is the right thing to do. Don’t stress about cleaning before your loved ones arrive. Instead, enjoy the holiday season as it should be. Before we begin, here are some things to consider:

●        Carpet and Rug Cleaning: One of the first things that guests notice when they enter a home is if the carpet and rugs are clean. Due to the inclement weather, the entryway area needs rigorous cleaning to get started and regular cleaning to keep it looking fresh.

●        Pet Odor Cleaning: Pets are wonderful, but the smells they can make are not so nice. Instead of masking a bad pet odor, we deep-clean your carpet and upholstery to get rid of any smells and stains.

●        Leather Cleaning: Sitting back in a nicely cleaned and smoothly polished leather chair or sofa is a wonderful experience for both guests and the tired host when the party is winding down.

●        Upholstery Cleaning: If there are spills, which happen often during the holidays, we will remove any stubborn stains on upholstery making the furniture look like new once again.

●        Bathroom Cleaning: Nobody likes to use a grimy, moldy bathroom, so cleaning up the guest bathrooms is always a priority. This includes mold cleanup, and tile & grout cleaning.

Holiday Clean-Up Plans

Before the Party: Start with a get-ready clean-up a few days before any guests arrive. This can include having your carpet, tile, and even your furniture professionally cleaned.


After the party: We all know any type of gathering can bring wear and tear on your home. Once everyone has left from your holiday party, call the cleaning service back for any party recovery clean-up needs. Spilled wine on your white carpet? Unsightly stains on your upholstery? We can take care of it all!


At CCS Cleaning & Restoration, we are the cleaning experts you can call for a seamless holiday cleaning. With our nearly 50 years of experience as a certified, cleaning company our team can tackle any cleaning project. Give us a call at (507)334-1774 or fill out the web form to schedule a free estimate.