The holidays are right around the corner, which means having guests in your home for dinners and parties is also on the social calendar. If you want your house to look clean and polished when your family and friends come over, it’s time to get down to business!


Follow these holiday cleaning steps to create a clean home you are proud to show off, or let us know if you want professional help!

1. Declutter & Organize

In the rooms you plan to entertain guests, start by removing any personal items lying around. Take some time to get rid of any excess mail, shoes that are not in place, and anything else that makes your home look cluttered.


Once you have removed the clutter from the living spaces, your home will already feel cleaner. Now you’re ready to get down and dirty to really get it clean!

2. Sanitize Surfaces 

Now that all of the clutter is out of the way, you can begin to wipe down all of the surfaces, like countertops, tables, and your stovetop. Sanitize the areas and get rid of any dust that has accumulated.


Do this in all of the rooms that you will have guests in, taking special care to deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen. 

3. Clean the Floors

Once your surfaces are clean, it’s time to move to the floors. Depending on the type of flooring you have, you will need to do different things (vacuum, sweet, mop, buff, etc.). Make sure you have the right cleaning products and instructions for the types of flooring you have.


If you have dirty carpet, consider getting a deep clean completed a day or two before your guests are scheduled to arrive. You can do this by calling a professional and leaving all of the hard work to them! Then all you have to do is focus on cleaning the other areas of your home and decorating for the holidays so you can spend quality time with your family and friends.

4. Refresh Furniture

If you find your furniture has unpleasant aromas or stains from years of use and no upkeep, a refresh can make a significant difference in your home environment. Whether you have a microfiber sofa or accent drapes, all fabrics build up dust, debris, and particulates without proper care.


Investing in a deep cleaning can help promote a more sanitary and healthier environment for all your loved ones. Refreshing your furniture is especially important if you have guests who have allergies.

5. Vacuum

Even if you have a household with a rule about removing shoes regularly, residues can build up on the floors daily. Taking a few minutes to vacuum regularly leaves your carpeting looking fabulous and well-maintained.


While you have the vacuum out, hook up your favorite extension for cracks and crevices. Vacuum in the corners near the ceiling where spiderwebs can hide, as well as along the wall trim near the floor where dust settles.


If you’re really feeling motivated, pull out and vacuum behind kitchen appliances like the stove and refrigerator. Goodbye, crumbs!

6. Clean Your Fridge & Garbage Disposal

The inside of a fridge is a common space that gets overlooked in most households. This vital appliance helps keep your food safe to eat and your beverages tasty, so it’s important to address any built-up residues for your health and wellbeing. With the holidays coming, it’s the perfect time to remove outdated foods and wash the interior to prepare for those big family meals and leftovers.


In combination with this, it is recommended to give your garbage disposal a good cleaning. Without proper care, food can rot inside the device and create unpleasant smells. The cleaning process only requires using a toothbrush to scrub baking soda onto the blades and removes the worry of having odors in your kitchen.

7. Get Your Patio or Porch Ready

If you have a screened-in or outdoor area you plan on using for your family gathering, this is another essential area to clean. Ensure all areas are wiped down, including furniture and decorations, to create a welcoming and inviting environment for anyone who uses the space.

Contact Your Southern MN Deep Cleaning Experts

If you live in southern Minnesota and are interested in a deep carpet clean this holiday season, be sure to reach out to us at CCS Cleaning & Restoration. We can clean every part of your home – down to the furniture – and give you an incredibly deep clean. Schedule online today!