Do Not Try to Tackle a Mold Problem on Your Own

Mold Remediation

A flooded basement can seem overwhelming and scary. Water is not meant to stand in a home. We can help with quick and complete water removal and drying with industrial equipment. Quick water removal and complete professional drying that does not leave a single spot out is vital to reduce or eliminate the possibility of toxic mold growth.

Mold seems harmless, just a smelly and unsightly mess but what is the worst it could do? The answer may surprise you.

Mold can cause harmful health issues such as cold symptoms, eye and skin irritation, and wheezing. In severe cases symptoms arise such as upper respiratory tract discomfort, fever, infection of the lungs, and headaches. Certain (less common) forms of mold can cause cognitive problems and more sever symptoms listed above. No matter the type of mold growth, it is not safe to have in a home.

Mold Removal is not as simple as cleaning the area. Did you know that dead mold spores are still toxic? Removing mold is more in dept than just bleaching or wiping down and area. Mold Remediation experts have the equipment and the expertise to insure that the mold does not end up contaminating an entire house and endangering the health of the occupants.

CCS Cleaning and Restoration offers fast flood relief, and mold remediation. Do not let this silent hazard effect your health one more day. Complete mold removal is possible with the right equipment and know how. We have been the cleanup experts in Faribault and all of southern Minnesota for decades. We know how to restore your home back to perfect again after a flood or other disaster, and we give free estimates so you know what you are getting into. Our goal is to simplify your life after the ordeal of a flood.

Signs You May Have Hidden Mold

  • Musty odors indicate the growth of mold. If something smells off, there is a reason. We can search down the source of the mold and remove it before it spreads further.
  • Black or green slimy splotches, and/or black or green dust are visible signs of mold. Try to avoid these areas and bring in a professional if you see a large visible outcrop.
  • Signs of high humidity are also signs of mold. So a room that is slightly cooler than the rest, that has moister that occasionally collects on the walls or windows, or with an odors likely has high humidity, and therefor mold. (The source of the humidity will need to be addressed to solve the mold issue.)


Mold Removal

How to Prevent Mold Growth

Barring an emergency such as a flood inside the home, preventing mold is not too difficult and can be done yourself.

  • Keep the interior of your home dry. Even rooms with high humidity should have adequate ventilation. Mold growth is most common in areas with high humidity stop the favorable conditions.

  • Check often trouble areas for slow leaks. A water heater, a lose pipe in a wall, a crack in the seal of the bathtub are all things that can cause slow mold growth in hidden areas.

  • Clean areas you have trouble keeping dry like around the sinks and tubs with bleach before you ever see any mold.

If a flood does occur or you find a patch of mold, it is best to call in the experts to remove it.

Who to call for help

CCS Cleaning and Restoration can handle your flood water and or mold cleanup quickly and efficiently. If you think you may have mold, or if you are dealing with the aftermath of a flood call us today for a free estimate. Do not wait, each day gives the mold time to grow and spread further into the building.

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