There has been a lot of talk these days around toxic materials that are added to cleaners. While some people simply look for cleaners that do not contain these chemicals, others look to create their own cleaners from things they have around the house. While this is a way you can eliminate those toxic chemicals from your home, it is not always the best way for you to clean your home.

How Homemade Household Cleaners Can Be Bad

People simply think about how they are able to get chemicals out of their home. However, the things that are used for cleaning can actually cause harm to the things in your home. For example, vinegar is a common homemade cleaning ingredient, but it is an acid. Over time, it can start to break down your furniture and flooring. You do not want to use it a lot on your granite countertops because it will eventually remove the shine on the top. It can also cause some damage to the woods in your home.

They Aren't As Effective

Because people dilute natural cleaners before they use them, they tend to not be as effective. Vinegar is best used when it is not diluted, and even then, it is only good for getting up dirt and grime. It is not a cleaner that is effective for any grease in the kitchen, even when used at full power and not diluted. If the cleaner is not as effective at cleaning, are you even cleaning at all? There is no point in using it if you are not able to really get things clean.

It Takes Time and Effort

Making your own household cleaners really takes a lot of extra time and effort, and they may not even be cleaning things how you think they are anyway, You do not want to waste any of your time creating a cleaner that does not get the job done. You will have wasted time making it and cleaning around your home for nothing.

There is really no substitute for a deep cleaning from a professional. There are plenty of household cleaners on the market that are not toxic, and our team can use those if you would prefer it. To schedule your cleaning, contact us today.