Why is Fire Restoration Critical For Your Health?  

Home fires are devastating. Even if you are able to extinguish a minor fire without too much property damage, it doesn't mean that you are out of the woods. The smallest fire can become a significant health concern for you and your family without the proper cleanup. Professional fire restoration is a critical part of returning your life to normal after a home fire.


Remaining Health Risks After the Fire is Out


After a home fire, homeowners have three lingering health concerns: water, soot, and ash, in addition to smoke damage. Failing to take care of these risks is putting everyone who lives in the house in danger:

●        Water Damage: Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease, and this is undoubtedly the case when it comes to post-fire water damage. Any water which was used to put out the fire must be dried as soon as possible, or there is a good chance that mold or mildew will begin to grow. Some forms of mold can start to appear in as little as two days, so quick action is critical. Even short-term exposure to mold or mildew can lead to respiratory diseases especially for the very young or old, as well as anyone already dealing with breathing problems.

●        Soot and Ash Damage: Many people are confused about the differences between soot and ash. Soot is black, results from the burning of organic material and mostly consists of carbon and wood tar. On the other hand, ash is white and is the remains of any burnt material, but both are cause for worry. Particles of both soot and ash are tiny and have a tendency to be kicked up into the air with the slightest breeze. Once these particles are airborne, they can get into everything but can cause real health concerns once they enter the lungs. Both soot and ash can cause respiratory diseases while the inorganic materials which ash contains may lead to crippling long-term concerns, like cancer.

●        Smoke Damage: Everyone already knows that breathing smoke during a fire is deadly, but even after the fire is out, smoke can leave behind dangerous compounds including carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. Carbon monoxide affects your health by replacing oxygen in your blood, slowly suffocating you over a short period. Breathing in hydrogen cyanide can cause headaches, sore throats and dizziness in the short-term well longer-term exposure can cause seizures, comas, and even death.

With all the health risks associated with the aftermath of a fire, you need a professional to ensure your home is safe. For almost 50 years, home owners in Southern Minnesota have trusted CCS Cleaning and Restoration with their fire restoration needs. Call 507-334-1774 to make an appointment.