Our pets are part of our family. We get to enjoy the love, friendship, and companionship that is associated with being a pet owner. Unfortunately, we also get to enjoy the odor in our homes that comes with pets. It can be an ongoing battle to remove pet odor from your home. Below, we have outlined some tips for removing pet odor for a fresh, clean house.


Many pet odors can remain trapped within the furniture. Once a month, do a deep clean of your couches and chairs. Remove all of the pillows and cushions and clean up any clumps of fur that may have become trapped. If possible, separate the segments of the furniture so you can access the spaces in between. Thoroughly vacuum the furniture in between to remove any fur, dander, or debris. If your furniture has washable pillows or slip covers, be sure to launder these once a month as part of the cleaning process.

Clean Your Pet's Space

Your pet's space should be cleaned also. If your cat or dog uses a pet bed, remove the cover and add it to the laundry. Be sure to add any blankets or washable soft toys to the laundry also. Hard chewable toys can become a harbor for bad smells. Using mild, non-toxic dish soap, wash your pet's hard rubber or plastic toys. For cats, regularly cleaning and changing the litter box can go a long way when trying to reduce pet odors. Once a month fully remove all of the litter and clean the box with hot, soapy water. For our smaller pets who call a cage home, regularly clean and change the bedding to keep odors minimized.

Pet Maintenance

Pets themselves can be the root of odors in your home. Be sure to regularly bathe your pet. This can help remove any excess fur, dander, and odors. Before coming inside after a walk it is a good practice to wipe your pet's paws. Odors collected on the paws are easily tracked through your home to the carpet and furniture.

Rugs and Carpet

Soft, fibrous materials such as area rugs and carpet are the perfect place to trap dirt and odors. Not only do pets have accidents on the carpet, but also transmit odors simply from day to day activity in the house. A professional carpet cleaner is able to help. Using professional carpet cleaning technologies, a carpet cleaner is able to detect stains and odors, neutralize, and potentially deodorize stains and odors within the home. Because your rugs and carpets take up such a large space in the house, having a professional cleaner work to mitigate pet odor can make a big impact creating a fresh smell in your home again.

At CCS Cleaning & Restoration we are certified and trained in removing pet stains and odors. Whether you have priceless oriental area rugs or wall to wall carpet, our trained professionals can help remove unwanted pet stains and odor from your home. To learn more about the services we offer visit our website at carriagecleaning.com.