Professional Smoke Cleaning


Smoke from a house fire seems to permeate every inch of a building after a fire. Even the sections of the structure that did not have any visible smoke usually end up with yellowed walls, linens, and an acrid smoky odor following a fire. Homeowners quickly learn that simple smoke removal is not enough to restore the property back to its original condition.

Smoke Cleanup

Complete smoke damage restoration is possible CCS Restoration Services. The key is to not prolong the restoration process for to long. The faster you call in a professional restoration crew the better.

Complete Smoke Removal Takes More than Airing out an Area

Fire restoration consists of smoke cleanup, water cleanup and water damage restoration, and of course repairing the ash and area destroyed by the actual fire itself. At CCS Restoration Services we have 25 years of experience in restoring damage property. No matter the extent of the damage after a fire, or flood call us for an estimate. 

Smoke Damage

Do not wait to get the damage cleaned up though because both water and smoke damage get significantly worse as time goes by. A flood that could have been handled quickly and dried by the pros, can turn in to structural damage and mold within a few days. Smoke damage that could have been stopped from reaching every corner of the building with the right equipment and know how, will have the time to damage every crevice and leave hard to remove stains and odors if left to air out by only opening windows and putting on a few household fans.

Contact CCS Restoration Services today for full smoke damage restoration of your home or building as soon as the fire occurs to prevent further damage.