Do you have a persistent stain that you just can't get rid of? If a stain keeps reappearing after attempted removal, you have an issue that will need to be dealt with professionally. It's not because the carpet keeps getting stained; it's because the stain is rising up from below. To get rid of that stain, you're going to need to understand a few things about carpet.

Why Do Stains Reappear in Carpet?

Stains reappear in carpet because they've penetrated beyond the initial carpet layer. When it comes to carpet, there's a top "hydrophobic" layer, which resists water and coats the fibers of the carpet itself. Under the carpet fibers is the mesh, which holds the carpet together, and under that is the carpet padding.


When something is spilled on the carpet, it first needs to penetrate the hydrophobic layer. This is why if your carpet is new enough, and the spill is cleaned fast enough, the spill seems to just "sit" on top of the carpet.


From there, it gets into the fibers, and it follows the fibers all the way down until it starts to drip onto the carpet padding itself. Once it gets through the carpet padding, it becomes very difficult to clean. It may even be further pushed down, because of that hydrophobic layer.


Even though you may clean the visible, surface stain, there's still more liquid just below the surface. This liquid is going to be drawn out by your cleaning chemicals and water so that the stain reemerges from the bottom.

How Can You Clean a Persistent Stain?

The only way to clean a persistent stain is to clean all the way down to the padding, which is something that generally requires a professional floor extraction unit. While you can rent an extraction unit at a store, it isn’t usually as powerful as a professional floor cleaner. Professional floor cleaning companies have effective, green technology that isn't available to consumers.


Extraction units force water and cleaning solutions all the way down into the padding and pull out all the water to remove the stain entirely. A residential extraction unit usually can't get all the way down to the padding. And even if it can, it often leaves the padding and carpeting moist, which can eventually lead to odors or even mold.

The best way to deal with persistent stains is actually to keep them from occurring at all. If you keep your carpet treated with a hydrophobic spray, and lift stains quickly, you should be fine.


When a stain keeps coming back, it's a sign you're using the wrong cleaning method. Blotting can only do so much, as it's only going to penetrate the carpet layer, not the padding layer. The best way to address persistent staining is professional carpet cleaning. Contact CCS Cleaning & Restoration to get a quote today.