While water in the home presents an immediate danger, there are hidden dangers of water damage, as well. Depending on the source of the flood, water can bring in mold and mildew, dangerous diseases, or even compromise the overall structure of your home. Floodwater should always be dealt with quickly and effectively from a professional water remediation crew. Below are just a few potential dangers that commonly accompany water damage.

Structural Damage

Water itself can be incredibly damaging, as it has the ability to degrade the structural integrity of your home. When flood water enters the home, wood and concrete structures alike are at risk. Over time, water can eat away at supporting structures, eventually rendering your home structurally unsafe. Floodwater should always be immediately dealt with to mitigate the damage to the structural supports within your home.

Mold and Mildew

Even after the water has been removed from a home, dangers remain. If portions of your home are left damp, mold and mildew can grow. This is especially problematic if the water has penetrated soft materials in dark spaces.

Carpeting, drywall, and furniture are extremely susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Left to grow over time, mold and mildew can spread rapidly and can create serious health problems within the home. Several chronic respiratory diseases have been linked to mold and mildew, and in some cases can become life threatening.

Electrical Problems

Flooding water can become extremely dangerous when electricity is added to the equation. Rising flood water can encompass live electrical outlets, appliances, and in serious floods, can impact the circuit breakers to the home. If you suspect a flood has compromised the electrical system of the house, never enter the water. This can pose an extremely dangerous situation and can potentially send a life threatening shock to you or a loved one. If you notice rising flood water in your home, only shut off electrical power to the home if you can do so safely.

Spread of Bacteria

Depending on what has caused the flood in your home, the spread of bacteria can be a dangerous problem. Sewage back-ups and broken pipes can spread bacteria and disease throughout your home. If the water is not properly cleaned, the bacteria and disease can remain within the home. If you are dealing with a sewage leak or flood, it is always important to use a professional water remediation company for cleanup.

At CCS Cleaning and Restoration we offer 24-hour emergency services to help you minimize the amount of water damage following a flood. We understand that time is of the essence when dealing with a water cleanup, and our crew responds quickly. We can help remediate water no matter how big or small the job. To learn more about our services, contact us today.