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How to Handle Water Damage After a Fire

Fire damage and water damage often go hand-in-hand, and mold damage often follows if quick action isn’t taken. Learn how to handle fire-related water damage from the restoration experts at CCS Cleaning and Restoration.

Getting Your Home Back to Normal After a Fire

Home fires are devastating, but the danger does end once the fire is out. Find out what health risk still linger once the fire department leaves.  

After the Fire You Call Carriage Cleaners

Whether there is a short circuit in your home's electrical wiring, or you have a small accident while cooking, a fire can happen at any time. Your first priority is protecting the safety of yourself and your family. Once the fire is out is the time when you should begin to think about your possessions.

Five Ways You Can Fireproof Your Home

Whether you’re facing a hot summer or fire hazards, you’d be wise to keep your home safe from flames. In 2015 alone, there were 1.3 million house fires reported in the U.S. From ovens to unclean chimneys; home fire hazards are everywhere. Fortunately, you can ward off the firemen with a few fire prevention tips. We’re covering them below.