Water Damage Restoration Northfield MN

Water Damage Removal In Northfield, MN

No matter if it’s a simple sink leak gone bad or a fully burst pipe, water damage of any sort is serious business. So serious that when not taken care of properly, it can lead to various health hazards, from mold to the structural degradation of your home.

That’s why when you notice even a drip-drop of water out of place in your Northfield, Minnesota home, you need water damage pros on the job stat. Not just any pros will do – you need the water damage repair experts at CCS Cleaning & Restoration!

Why choose us?

  • Emergency water damage services
  • Comprehensive water restoration services, including cleaning
  • Cutting-edge machinery and highly trained technicians

When you need water cleanup and restoration services fast, call CCS Cleaning and Restoration – Southern Minnesota's leading certified cleaning agency: 507-334-1774.

We Clean What You Can’t See

Water has a way of seeping into places it shouldn’t – places that only the highest-caliber Northfield water clean-up pros can discover.

Water damage repair is more than using wet-vacs and dehumidifiers – it’s delving into every nook and cranny, even the places that those commonly used machines can’t access.

That’s where we at CCS Cleaning & Restoration excel. Using state-of-the-art technology and a keen eye for detail, our Northfield water clean-up team can rid your home of every last misplaced drop, mitigating water damage and preventing mold from growing.

24-Hour Emergency Water Restoration Services

A burst pipe doesn’t wait for business hours. Yet water damage restoration must be taken care of ASAP, lest the moisture spread to other areas of your precious home.

Just name the place, and we’ll be there – night or day. If you need emergency services, please call 507-334-1774.

What Sets CCS Cleaning & Restoration Apart

We take our job seriously, even the more “mundane” parts of it, and we’re not satisfied until you are.

Team Members Receive Formal Training

It’s how we’re able to go to the lengths we do to accomplish water damage restoration in Northfield, Minnesota and surrounding cities. When each member of the team can go above and beyond, the job as a whole does likewise.

Our team consists of all highly knowledgeable and skilled personnel, including two Master Textile Cleaners – the highest level of certification achievable within the carpet cleaning industry!

We Use Only the Best Machinery Around

As an endeavor to provide the best water damage restoration services around, we’re constantly striving to add bigger and better cleaning machines to our arsenal. Combine this with our well-educated employees, and you can’t find a better water damage repair company near Northfield.

Customer Service Is Our Specialty

We understand that reaching out for water clean-up is stressful. Your very home or business is at risk, after all! That’s why we’ve pledged to only offer you the best in customer care. From answering questions to being upfront about pricing and the extent of the damage, we do it all so that you can relax, knowing that you’re in trustworthy hands.

Contact CCS for Water Damage in Northfield, MN

When only comprehensive and honest water damage repair will do, you know who to call: CCS Cleaning & Restoration. Send our Faribault office a message, or call us today at 507-334-1774.